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You should never pay your hard earned money for your homework or essay to any anonymous writer online. It can turn out to be a total waste of time and money. Some of these websites claim their essays to be written by professionals but it is not the case always. Many students have stumbled upon essay writing services that outsource their work to writers in third world countries such as India. Writers cost cheap and for a few dollars an hour or against a fixed project fee, they submit essays that do not meet with the standard and criteria demanded by universities in developed countries. It is needless to say that only native writers can handle essay writing job well but it is too costly and often out of the reach of college students. Therefore, some good websites like edubirdie come forward with economical solutions and offer good quality custom essay writing services to their customers from around the world. 

Like any other custom essay writing service, you should read edubirdie reviews first. It is good to gather some information and read the feedback of some satisfies customers and then place your order. It will help to secure your hard earned money and time both. 

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May 2